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Essential Wellness for Men

While it may be a partner offering up healthy living tips and supplements to the man in their life, some health practitioners agree there is a shift towards males taking their wellness into their own hands. Simple steps such as adding a smoothie to a daily routine can be a great way to pack in […]

Life After a Diabetes Diagnosis

More than 250,000 New Zealanders develop diabetes every year*. Even more are thought to live with symptoms, yet remain undiagnosed. However, there are steps you can take to support the body back to balance. Naturopath, nutritionist and Lifestream ambassador, Janella Purcell shares easy-to-implement advice for those facing a Diabetes II diagnosis: Eat a mostly wholefood […]

Supplements for Mental Wellbeing

While stress can affect everyone in different ways—one thing remains constant: when stressed, our internal coping mechanisms just can’t handle their job. Sometimes our diet is unbalanced with certain food groups, which have a knock-on effect, affecting brain health and mood. When our nervous system is under stress we use up more nutrients than we […]

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