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Biogenic Aloe Vera Cleansing and Hydrating Facemask

Facemasks are a fun and helpful way to keep the face hydrated and radiant leading into the summer season. Try our easy-to-make-at-home Lifestream Biogenic Aloe Vera and Barley and Wheat Grass facemask developed by our Naturopath Karin Spicer. Ingredients: (for one facemask) 4 teaspoons Lifestream Aloe Vera gel (enough to cover the face and neck) […]

Tamari Roasted Seed Snacks

We all love to snack but the products we snack on are not always healthy! Try this simple but extremely tasty Tamari Roasted Seed Snack recipe. Instead of reaching for the chocolate, chips and biscuits you can satisfy your cravings with this moreish but nutritious snack anytime of the day or night. Recipe created by: […]

Spinach & Spirulina Tortilla Wraps

These are no ordinary wraps! Packed full of goodness, including Spinach and Organic Spirulina Boost, they are not only nutritious but tasty too. A great way to add some extra nutrients (without the kids knowing) for a quick and easy meal that the whole family will love. You could even have some for lunch the […]