Your Winter Wellness Checklist

The month of June, in the southern part of the world, brings with it shorter sunshine hours and colder temperatures. It makes sense to have a plant based “winter wellness kit” ready to support yourself naturally, and those dear to you, against those ills and chills for total body wellbeing this winter.

8 key plants you should have in your winter wellness kit:

1. GINGER (root)

This zingy warming herb has been used for thousands of years to support healthy circulation for those with cold hands and feet, for warming the stomach to support better digestion of food, and for supporting the immune system against ills and chills.

2. WHITE HOREHOUND (leaves or flowering tops)

A multi-tasking herb that supports the health of our sinuses, throat and lungs when the immune system is under attack, or for those needing support for respiratory health each winter. It also supports healthy levels of good bacteria in our digestive system, further supporting immunity.

3. TURMERIC (root)

A powerful antioxidant herb which helps to balance our immune system and protect our healthy immune cells against free radical damage. Turmeric herb has also been found to support joint health, digestion, heart health, mental focus and healthy mood.

4. ECHINACEA (roots, whole plant)

A well-known herb traditionally used for boosting immunity and supporting the health of the respiratory system. It is an antioxidant to protect against oxidative stress, including for those with busy active lives, and supports the immune system against winter ills and chills.

5. SAGE (leaves)

When it comes to the health of our throat (also mouth and gums), and immune support, Sage is an amazingly helpful herb. Whether you do a lot of singing, talking, or need help when the winter ills and chills have got past your immune defenses, think Sage!

6. THYME (leaves)

This aromatic herb is traditionally used for healthy lungs and throat, either on-going or when the need arises over winter. It provides antioxidant support for the immune system, supports digestion, and is known as a tonic for supporting energy and longevity.

7. LIQUORICE (root)

The herb, not the confectionary, is wonderfully soothing to the mucous membrane lining of the respiratory and digestive tracts. It has traditionally been used to support the immune system, for upset tummies, and for those experiencing stressful times.

8. ACEROLA BERRIES (berries) for natural vitamin C.

Natural wholefood Acerola berries are easily digested and absorbed, and contain more immune supporting vitamins and minerals than just vitamin C.  They provide antioxidant protection for our body’s cells, support for our immunity, the health of our respiratory tract and our skin.

When looking for plant based, sustainably sourced winter wellness support, Lifestream has a wide range of effective products for the whole family.

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