Beat the winter blues

Come on, be honest, have you been spending a little bit too much time in your slippers or woolly socks lately?  Is there a butt shaped impression in the sofa cushions you fit snuggly into with the TV remote in easy reach?  Do you look out the kitchen window as you put the pizza box in the bin and think “I really should go for a walk or a run, or head to the gym?”  You might be suffering from……….The Winter Blues!  Don’t freak out, help is at hand!

 Let’s talk B Vitamins.  They are water soluble which means they don’t store in our body so they need to be topped up each day for optimum health.  If your levels are low the body finds it hard to release the energy from your food, which can contribute to feeling tired, sluggish, low motivation and poor mental performance.  Getting it from your food is ideal but if there are gaps in your diet you might like to supplement with a plant based natural B complex.  Lifestream Natural B Complex is made from quinoa sprouts, harvested at the peak of their vibrancy to deliver easy to absorb B vitamins that are gentle on your stomach.

 I was recently at a Healthy Food show talking the benefits of Spirulina.  Hundreds of people came up to me and said “I used to take Spirulina, it was amazing.  It gave me so much energy.”  When I asked why they had stopped the answer was invariably “I just got out of the habit.”  Well nothing has changed about the amazing benefits of Spirulina over the 38 years Lifestream have been bringing it into New Zealand.  Get back into the habit, or give it a try.  It is still a nutrient dense superfood packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, protein and other plant nutrients to turbo boost your energy and support immunity, especially through those chilly winter days.  Lifestream have lead the innovation by developing versions with higher phycocyanin levels for increased antioxidant protection, or with certified organic acerola berry for those needing natural vitamin C to additionally support immunity.

 Your brain needs omega-3 fatty acids to function at its best and to create healthy brain cells.  The outside of cell membranes need omegas to keep the structure strong so it can allow the right chemicals in and let the toxic waste out.  It is thought that a strong omega supported cell membrane lets the feel good chemicals into our brain cells so supporting a happy mood. There are now vegetarian sources of Omega 3 on the market, that come from the algae the fish eat to get their omegas, which contain the DHA and EPA needed for your optimum brain health and mood- without harming any fish in the process.  Lifestream V Omega 3 is a high potency version of the vegetarian omega 3 which also includes plant based Vitamin D3.  Low levels of D3 can affect serotonin levels in the brain leading to feeling anxious or extremely low moods.  Low levels can also effect production of sex hormones in both females and males resulting in low sex drive.  

 It’s time to take off the slippers, put on your shoes, grab your keys and head on out.  What is one thing you can do today to make a positive change to banish the “winter blues?” Top up your nutrients so you have the fuel to be a winter champion.

Karin Spicer N.D, Dip Med Herb

Natural B Complex

Spirulina Balance

V-Omega 3

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