Essential Wellness for Men

While it may be a partner offering up healthy living tips and supplements to the man in their life, some health practitioners agree there is a shift towards males taking their wellness into their own hands.

Simple steps such as adding a smoothie to a daily routine can be a great way to pack in extra nutrients and fibre, without having to spend much preparation time in the kitchen. However, there are some other easy-to-implement steps that can be taken to up the good health ante—even for the men who don’t necessarily like focusing on their health day-to-day.

While modern diets may be lacking sustenance thanks to over processing and depleted soils, choosing wholefood supplements that the body can most effectively use is a great first step to everyday wellness, regardless of your gender.

What essential nutrients do we all require for optimal health? Naturopath, nutritionist and Lifestream ambassador Janella Purcell recommends the following:


The importance of this mineral is underestimated when it comes to men’s health. An essential trace mineral needed for optimum health, it is often depleted in New Zealand and Australian soils. It is an important nutrient for male fertility and protects the DNA inside all cells from damage. Its antioxidant properties help support healthy immunity, thyroid, liver and heart function.

B Vitamins

B vitamins (B12 being the exception) aren’t stored in the body, so getting a daily dose is important. Heating food and the time it takes from earth to table, can reduce the amount we can get from our food. B vitmains help convert food into energy, fuelling the nervous system to help us cope during stressful times, and recovery after exercise. Vitamin B deficiency can include feeling irritable or nervous, and having trouble sleeping. Physical signs include sore (burning) mouth or tongue, cracks at the corners of the mouth and burning soles of the feet.


For the guys who like to work out or play sport, maintaining those hard earned muscles is key, which means adequate intake of high quality protein. Large amounts of dairy (whey) can cause tummy upsets, while soy based protein can contain isoflavones, which has been shown to have a negative effect on hormones. Too much protein can cause acidity, so balance it out with alkalising greens.


One of the better-known minerals, zinc plays a vital part in supporting our immune system, and helping to reduce symptoms. It supports wound healing and is important for skin health, working as a support for dry and allergic skin conditions. It is also an essential for sperm quality and prostate health.

Vitamin D

Great for everyday immune function, resistance against winter ills and chills, and healthy nervous system function, Vitamin D is also said to support healthy libido and testosterone levels. Men with lowered vitamin D status have also shown to be low in testosterone.


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