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Opening up the windows, clearing out the cobwebs and shaking off the winter damp isn’t just a tradition reserved for your home. Spring-cleaning is an important habit to adopt for your own “house”—from sweeping clean digestion to moving the body more—a welcoming in of the warmer weather and a commitment to yourself for year-round immunity and wellness.

While cleansing is a great way to foster energy and an overall feeling of wellbeing, undertaking a wholefood detox also benefits the body from inside out; a way to get glowing from within. However, embarking on a spring cleanse doesn’t have to mean deprivation and calendar countdowns.

There are ways to work with your body to do what it naturally does every day, and that’s eliminate toxins.

Besides upping fluid intake, including warm lemon juice each morning upon rising to get digestion moving, try these daily naturopath-recommended habits to get you really ready for the warmer weather:


Wholefood chlorella is one of the most exciting nutritional resources available to help the body naturally fight environmental pollution. Its natural action binds to heavy metals, chemicals and pesticides found in the digestive tract, stopping them from entering your bloodstream where these harmful circulating toxins are usually deposited into the body’s cells. Chlorella is also known as an internal deodorant, so extended use can result in less “odorous flatulence” and diminishment of bad breath. This micro algae’s chlorophyll content also supports liver cleansing, which also benefits our skin. An over-loaded liver can lead to toxins showing up as rashes or other topical issues.


Fibre from plants, fruits and vegetables are nature’s way of sweeping out our bowels so nutrients can be more easily absorbed and toxins removed. A bloated stomach may be a result of the bowels holding onto kilos of waste matter. So, if you want to fit into your summer wardrobe and put a spring back into your step, then a plant based fiber like psyllium can be highly beneficial.


The warmer weather also means Christmas is just around the corner. Partying the night away can take a toll on digestive health, leaving a seedy feeling in the aftermath. Aloe vera is a wonderful soothing digestive and liver tonic. You can use it before the season as a gentle detox and to also getting your digestion in good condition—and after to assist rapid recovery. For those with food intolerance issues it can bring relief if you end up eating something you really shouldn’t have.


It is not a secret that the celebration season can take a toll on the liver. The best way to do more than just survive until the Christmas holidays is to make sure the liver is in good shape before we walk out the door. Hair-check, teeth-check, wallet-check, phone-check, Liver herbs-check. Milk thistle, burdock and dandelion root are great herbs to support liver health. You can take them as part of a detox cleanse, or all year around.


Always drink your 6-8 glasses of water a day to flush toxins out of your system. This is especially important when you increase your fibre intake as low levels of water can lead to constipation. A squeeze of lemon, a sprig of mint, a slice of cucumber, or a small piece of fruit in your water bottle can help with the taste if you find water boring to drink.

Handy tip for the party season: Drink alternate alcohol drinks with a glass of water (in a fancy glass) during your celebrations. Your head and liver will thank you the next day!


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