How to Stay Healthy on Holiday

Are you thinking of taking a holiday? Beyond the exotic locations, beautiful beaches, shopping and relaxing, there’s the seemingly endless dining out and eating in options. Getaways go hand-in-hand with over-indulgence, right?

What many of us also know is these short-term excesses can also play havoc with digestion.

While no one wants to put limits on getaway goodies, there’s some pre-destination preparation that can be done to help your digestive system ease into the party food and drinks that await—and help to restore the balance once you’re back home.

The Ultimate Travel Kit

Pack these healthy living essentials before you go:

Digestive Enzymes

If you’re guilty of overindulging when you’re in holiday mode—particularly on foods you normally struggle to digest—digestive enzymes could help. Before eating a meal that you fear might come back to haunt you later, take some digestive enzymes. Or if the damage is done (and you’re regretting eating that extra helping) enzymes can help with digestion and that uncomfortable, “I’ve eaten way too much” feeling.


One too many cocktails last night? Feeling toxic and struggling with a gurgling gut? Chlorella might help. Rich in vitamins and minerals, it provides high levels of chlorophyll for cleansing, balancing and nourishing your digestive system. It acts as an internal cleanse and natural detoxifier.

Aloe Vera

Poor food choices and over-indulgence can lead to out-of-balance bowel flora and digestion. This can then create bloating: those “dodgy” stomach feelings, irregular bowel movements–or none at all. Aloe Vera soothes the lining of the stomach and intestines to support smooth and natural digestion, while helping to maintain the health of intestinal bacteria.


If you’re heading off on a sunshine-filled, tropical getaway, or an action-packed, tramping adventure, start taking Astaxanthin before you leave. Stronger and more versatile that Beta Carotene, vitamin E and more than 60 times stronger than vitamin C, studies have shown that this antioxidant Astaxanthin is the champion of the carotenoids. Not only can it help with fast muscle recovery and aches and pains, it may also help limit sunburn.

Aloe Vera Gel

If you happen to doze off by the poolside and soak up a little too many rays then reach for some aloe vera gel. Applied topically, it helps cool and sooth the skin, and can also help to heal and used to treat minor scrapes and abrasions.


If your energy levels are low after a busy day of shopping and sightseeing, Spirulina can help provide that much-needed energy boost, support increased energy demands, as well as muscle recovery. Look for mini sized tablets that are ideal for travelling.


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