On the Highway to Success

For those not getting kids out the door and back to school, the increase in traffic on the roads might have come as a bit of a shock. Right from the little ones, through to the bigger and sometimes hairy versions heading off to University or just starting work, all our kids face challenges on their “highway to success.”  Let’s not forget those parents or helpers who have the often thankless task of getting our hopes for the future actually out the door each day on time. How do we support the whole team to thrive and perform at their best?

The rule of thumb to eat your 5+2 daily means 5 serves of vegetables and 2 serves of fruit.  Eat a rainbow of colours to provide a wide variety of nutrients.  For those who are not so good on the veg and fruit, or have a higher requirement for daily nutrients through factors like experiencing a stressful time, or training and participating in sports, then a top up with Lifestream Bioactive®  Spirulina Balance could be the answer.  The plant based nutrients in spirulina, the original superfood, are easy to digest and absorb.  It contains vitamins and minerals, protein, GLA and antioxidants to support energy, digestion, immunity, and recovery from oxidative stress.

Another way to easily top up energy is with Lifestream Natural B Complex.  It is plant sourced from organically grown quinoa sprouts and has a mild nutty/yeasty flavour.  Great to add to after school (or work) snacks for those who have “run out of steam.” You can mix it into a smoothie, or with hummus or nut butters to go on crackers.  It is heat stable so can be added to pancakes or banana bread for added nutrition.

Exciting new research has shown that specific strains of good bacteria play a large part in supporting a healthy digestive and immune system, and a healthy mood, especially during stressful times.  Lifestream Advanced Probiotics Mood+Immune contains a powerful combination of 4 clinically researched strains of beneficial bacteria and the prebiotic FOS.  Together they support the brain-gut axis which is the 2 lane highway between the brain and the gut for healthy immunity, digestion and mood.

So there is value in taking a few moments to put a plan in place to keep the team on track.  Make sure everyone stays hydrated – maybe colourful drink bottles, model the habit of taking 10 minutes each day to breathe and clear the mind of the days challenges. I’m loving that some schools now do mindful breathing instead of detention, and make sure you cover the bases with nutrition to keep the team vibrant and healthy.

By Karin Spicer N.D, Lifestream Naturopath

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