Stress-less tips for a Super-hero in the Festive season

So, the festive season is upon us and we are wondering how it came around again so fast.  For many of us this is the busiest time of year.  Struggling to meeting dead-lines, last minute shopping, organising festive celebrations, end of year parties to attend looking fabulous, or planning the perfect meal for the family.  Not to mention searching for the perfect gift amongst crowds of like-minded people while trying to maintain our composure! 

There is a new super-hero in the Lifestream team helping to “fight stress, immunity and digestion in a single bound!”  Its name I hear you ask…….why, it’s Lifestream Advanced Probiotic Mood+Immune!  By day it’s a clinically researched formula of premium probiotics that supports the brain-gut axis, which is a 2-way highway between the digestive system and the emotional centres of our brain.  Research has shown that these specific strains of good bacteria can support healthy mood, less days off sick and less digestive upsets during stressful times.  A very handy asset to engage in the fight against “Festive Season Stress.”  No need to keep Mood+ Immune in the fridge- it can come on the mission with you.

Now every super-hero has a support crew to help in the success of the mission.  They are not always as exciting but still play a vital part.  Joining the stress-less team is Lifestream natural Magnesium.  Born from the raging pristine sea off the coast of Ireland it naturally supports relaxed muscles, our nervous system, healthy sleep patterns and heart health. It comes in powder or capsules with powder inside (easy to digest and absorb), so you don’t have to swallow a huge hard tablet.

Rounding out the stress-less team is Lifestream Spirulina Performance.  Spirulina clad in a tight  electric blue phycocyanin jumpsuit, it is truly the blue blood of spirulinas!  Providing turbo-boosted energy, anti-oxidant support for recovery after exercise and during stressful times.  Plus, Spirulina Performance supports production of helper T cells (the bug fighters) for immunity.

What a team!  Rise to the challenges of the festive season knowing the Lifestream super-hero team has your back.  Go forth and enjoy yourself!  T’is the season to be jolly!

Karin Spicer N.D

Advanced Probiotics Mood+Immune

Natural Magnesium

Spirulina Performance

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