Supplements for Mental Wellbeing

While stress can affect everyone in different ways—one thing remains constant: when stressed, our internal coping mechanisms just can’t handle their job.

Sometimes our diet is unbalanced with certain food groups, which have a knock-on effect, affecting brain health and mood. When our nervous system is under stress we use up more nutrients than we normally would and we may need to top up to bring things back into balance.

Wholefood supplements that have been found to support mental wellness include:


The quality of our sleep and how our body responds to stress can play a big part in our mental and emotional health. Magnesium is used by so many of the functions in our body, including nourishing our nervous systems in times of stress. It is also vital to the health of our adrenals, which pumps out the chemicals for our stress responses- that fight or flight mode. Magnesium helps our muscles and nerves to relax so we can feel calm, and get a quality nights’ sleep so that we feel refreshed in the morning- ready to face the world with energy and confidence.

B Vitamins

B vitamins help, in various combinations, with many of the processes related to mood and stress. They are needed in the production of chemicals that contribute to feeling calm or happy. They also support heart health, this is important if you suffer from anxiety or panic attacks, which can stress the heart.

Tart Cherry

This amazing little fruit is a natural source of Melatonin—the feel good chemical for our brain. It helps with low moods, and also with good quality sleep by helping us go into the deeper phase of sleep which allows the body to heal and revitalize.

Vitamins D

Low levels of vitamin D3 may affect serotonin levels in the brain leading to feeling anxious or extremely low moods. Low levels can also effect production of sex hormones in both females and males resulting in low sex drive. The body can make its own vitamin D after exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun, though the effectiveness of this as a source of Vitamin D is dependent on the season and your geographic location. In such cases of low levels, or during winter, it is worth considering supplementing. Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin which means it is better absorbed if you take it alongside a large meal.

Omega 3

Your brain needs omega-3 fatty acids to function at its best and to create healthy brain cells. The outside of cell membranes need omegas to keep the structure strong so it can allow the right chemicals in and let the toxic waste out. It is thought that a strong omega supported cell membrane lets the feel good chemicals into our brain cells so supporting a happy mood. There are now vegetarian sources of Omega 3 on the market which contain the DHA and EPA needed for your optimum brain health and mood- without harming any fish in the process.


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