Digestive issues are not a modern problem; for thousands of years people have been recommending natural products for stomach and bowel complaints.  Modern times have however seen an increase in stress, and food intolerances, and a decrease in the quality of our diets contributing to digestive complaints on one hand, and science giving us information to better understand our health conditions on the other.

When it comes to gut issues, unfortunately, they can have quite a large impact on our quality of life.  We can feel bloated, constipated, windy, or in pain.  There are those in our midst who are afraid to leave the house without knowing where all the toilets are along the journey.  Gut issues can also have an impact on our energy levels, concentration, immunity, and at the end of the day- our family and fun times.

The core of our daily wellbeing starts with gut health. Great digestion means you can absorb nutrients from your food for daily processes, energy and healing.

What is the “Power of 3” ultimate digestion combo and why is it something to consider when looking for digestive support?

Aloe Vera, probiotics and digestive enzymes are a synergistic combination for digestive health. Each play a part in the ultimate combination, bringing a different aspect of support, no one part is more important than the other, and together as a team they are a powerful choice for digestive support.

Biogenic Aloe Vera provides calming and soothing properties for all the gut.  It helps calm bloating, creates the right environment for good bacteria to grow, supports digestion, and is a tonic for your liver.

Advanced Probiotics with multi strains of beneficial bacteria that support digestion, immunity and skin health in one capsule.  Research is discovering and confirming the link between healthy gut flora and the functioning of our immune system.  Repopulating beneficial bacteria after taking anti-biotics is commonly recommended by most health professionals now to avoid stomach upsets and lower immunity in the aftermath.  For those who swing between firm and soft stools, taking probiotics can help balance bowel health.  Having a balance of good bacteria can help with bloating.

Advanced Digestive Enzymes A combination of enzymes that digest protein, carbohydrates, and fats assists with the breakdown of food and absorption of nutrients. Sometimes the modern diet can be lacking in foods rich in enzymes that naturally work together with our own digestion function.  Also with the rise of people eating raw food it is important to ensure you have enough digestive enzymes to breakdown cell walls to access the nutrients inside.  Undigested raw food can cause bloating.  We need access to our daily nutrients from our food for function and health in the body.  As we age, we may need more support for effective digestion.

So when we combine Aloe for soothing, Probiotics to repopulate good bacteria, and Digestive Enzymes for breaking down our food and absorbing nutrients you have the ultimate digestive combo – the “Power of 3”.

Karin Spicer Training Manager, Naturopath

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