While some can wear T-shirts in winter and not feel a chill, for others, warming up takes work, no matter how many layers they don.

The good news? Nature has provided ingredients to help warm from the inside out.


In the cooler months our bodily processes can slow down. Ginger warms the circulation and is particularly good for chilly hands and feet along with promoting movement to the joints and aid digestion.


Hawthorn supports the heart so there is strength behind each beat. It therefore doesn’t have to work so hard or beat faster to push the blood around.


Gingko supports blood quality so it is easy for it to flow right out to the very tips of our fingers through the tiny capillaries, and our brain, delivering oxygen to help cells operate at optimum levels.


Cayenne has many actions that help with circulation. It helps with the health of the blood vessels so blood can flow easier. It also has a warming action.


Garlic is naturally warming, and also acts as a


Omega 3, which is often lacking in the modern diet of processed foods, gives us the DHA and EPA our body needs to support great circulation. It is vital for the functioning of a healthy heart, also playing a part in good cholesterol levels. Omega 3 helps keep the blood flowing around our body and supports the health of the blood vessels so they can open and let blood through right to the tips of our fingers and toes.


In winter we micro shiver due to the cold and use more magnesium than in summer. It is therefore quite common for people to get cramps in winter. Calcium helps muscles to contract and magnesium helps them relax— low levels of magnesium can lead to tight muscles, which can restrict the flow of blood around the body. Topping up with magnesium is a good idea all year around, but especially if you are experiencing cramping and tight muscles.


Lifestream Circulate, which contains natural, warming ingredients to specifically target healthy circulation. Contraindications: Warfarin and potentially other anti-coagulant medication, pregnancy and breastfeeding and stomach ulcers.

Circulate C30_MC_RGB

Lifestream V-Omega3, which is formulated from marine microalgae, which fish eat to get their Omega3.

V-Omega C45_MC_RGB copy

Lifestream Natural Magnesium is a concentrated source of elemental magnesium.

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