The Layered Salad Jar

You will certainly be eating with your eyes with this amazingly colourful creation. The layered salad in a jar will help liven up your lunchtime while providing nourishing nutrition to keep you going all afternoon.

Recipe created by Lifestream Naturopath Karin Spicer N.D.

Salad dressing


1 Tbspn extra virgin olive oil

1 tspn balsamic vinegar

1 tspn lemon juice


Mix together in the bottom of the jar. Putting the dressing in first helps stop the salad from going limp before you eat it.

Salad layers


Chopped cucumber

½ a carrot, grated

Handful of cherry tomatoes

¼ cup of corn kernels

1 tspn Lifestream B Complex mixed into 100gm garlic hummus

¼ of a beetroot, grated

Handful of spinach leaves

Handful of chopped walnuts


Once you are ready to eat the salad, tip the jar upside down (with the lid on) and give it a shake to mix the dressing through the ingredients.

Top tips: You can add any mix of your favourite ingredients – the more colourful the better!

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